About Our Uncommon Agency

We believe brands blast off when they're fueled by a mission




Moon Landing orchestrates brand behavior so it inspires. With our creative leadership and a fine-tuned trajectory that rockets toward a single unified message, we fuel an ecosystem of stories that beg to be shared ... uncontrived, fortified and storified by passion.

Why "Moon Landing"? Because when President John F. Kennedy was visiting NASA headquarters during the great race to the moon, he asked one of the men there what he did there at the station. Without hesitation, the man replied, “I’m helping put a man on the moon!” That man was the janitor — and he believed in his mission. He knew the true value of what he was working toward. 

That's the kind of mission we fuel. 

Unlike conventional creatives, ever-churning ideas and slopping them against the wall like spaghetti, we tie everything we do to your brand's single undeniable truth, continually reinforcing a massage so it resonates powerfully, purposefully, and passionately. 




Core Team 

Meet The Story-preneurs

Bryan LeMonds

Founder & CEO 


Head storyteller & brand orchestrator

Shea Higgins

Director, PR & Content

Oversees strategy, digital & content

Jared Stewart

Brand Journalist

PR & media relations pro 

Steve Piehl

Account Manager


Corporate communications expert & account lead. 

Moon Landing, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI 

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