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Great stories get noticed. And stories that beg to be shared don’t need to be sold. 

That's why we narrowly define your brand promise, and craft an intricate Story Economy around it. It sets a foundation that brings everyone on board, and fuels a robust story engine.

With a powerful story in hand, our experts can launch it tactfully across any channel, traditional or digital, from earned media to email — wherever your audiences are. 

Brand Engineering




A strong brand drives stories across every channel. 

In the end, you’ll get an inspired brand lens that gives everyone a better view. For customers, they’ll be moved through our award-winning awareness-to-action campaigning. For the brand ambassadors, they’ll see and feel an inspired culture that not only attracts them but keeps them there … while inspiring brand behavior that keeps them thriving and innovating.

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Branding + Lensing

Content + Media

Social + Digital 

Story Economy


Branding + Lensing​ 


Your brand is your most valuable asset. It defines and drives every aspect of your company. Prior to any investment in marketing, we get to the true essence of why your brand matters, so we can transform your most unique, compelling attributes into a memorable narrative.

Rally Cry Development


We deliver all clients our famous rally cries. We'll find your undeniable truth, and rally your team and your customers with a purposeful call to action. 

Strategy + Planning


Every great marketing endeavor begins with smart strategy. We build marketing plans that keep everyone on the same path to success. 

Brand Behavior + Internal Communications


Brand power ignites from within. How the brand lives is the brand. We build systems to inspire and drive that behavior.


Content + Media Relations


We develop stories that beg to be shared, structured with a brand cause that’s inherently newsworthy. Within a robust Story Economy, authentic, compelling dramas play out. We just need to shape and share them. 

Media Relations


Wland stories across the vast mediascape, from trade publications to world news to all your favorite late-night talk shows. 

Events + Trade Shows


Engagement is the ultimate way to show your brand values. Rather than seeing consumers as message receivers, we involve them in the experience.

Public Affairs


We build coalitions by explaining complex policy issues in easily digestible nuggets that highlight the practical impact on community members’ lives. 

Sales Support


Build your community of leads, increase your ROI and drive sales by lensing your campaigns through purposeful brand positioning, across all channels. 

PR-Based Sales Events & Promotions

Yes, we can turn your sales promo into something worth talking about. Drive sales without even making people feel like they're being sold.

Crisis Communications


Companies big and small turn to us in moments of need. We can help redirect your story and make a real change to minimize damage to your reputation. 

Design & Production


We approach design as a narrative solution. Our designers guide audiences toward your fundamental reason why. 

Sponsorship Activation


When it comes to ROI, we are rainmakers. We're renown for taking any sponsorship and angling it to amplify a gripping emotional narrative. 


Social + Digital


A great brand story can make an impact on any channel, but we'll follow the data to make sure it reaches — and rallies — the right people. 

Social Marketing


Clicks and likes are not key metrics. Real engagement  activates relevant audiences. That takes a thoughtful mix of social media, e-mail, websites, and automation.

Influencer Marketing

The right story will hook spokespeople just as readily as customers. Find and tap the authoritative voices that can sync with and elevate your story to all-new audiences. 

Email Marketing

Be honest: Would you open your own emails? Blanket e-blasts are over. We craft useful, compelling content that breaks out from the inbox clutter.   



We segment and personalize brand journeys, building in hassle-free touchpoints that validate customers, without seeming disconnected.   

Website + Microsites

From designing page layouts and content development to brand story website audits, our team of experts is dedicated to adding brand swagger into each section of your website.

UX (User Experience)

With user-first thinking, we can help you uncover points of friction that turn people away, and refine a seamless, welcoming experience.


It's all to fuel your...

Story Economy 


Just like any business has a clear process for handling its finances, we believe the same approach must apply to a possession equally as valuable to a company: its story. Moon Landing specializes in developing a lean, compelling Story Economy that sets the foundation for all communications.

How Do You Craft a Newsworthy Brand?

1. Focus Your Brand Lens

The driver of any brand’s Story Economy is its brand platform — the undeniable truth that makes the brand a shining light in what would otherwise be a dark world. 

3. The why   2.  The how  1. The Inspired what.
When you filter everything through an undeniable "why," you discover your deeply inspired "what." 

Story A

Story A

Story A

Story A

Story B

Story C

2. Reveal the Reasons to Believe

Once we establish that single fundamental statement of brand identity, we develop a set of Reasons to Believe. Everyone connected to the brand, both internally and externally, can clearly understand the defining characteristics that set your brand apart from all others.

While your Story Economy has a powerful set of stories that each highlight a defining characteristic of the brand, we’re committed to telling every single one of those stories through the same brand lens — always connecting our message back to the one undeniable truth. 

3. Define the Dark World

Just like any other thriving economy, we set out to build a Story Economy that is both robust and nimble. That means establishing a compelling story for each Reason to Believe *and* for each of the potential Dark World pitfalls against which your brand stands as a firewall.

Your brand becomes the illuminating White Light, shining boldly across an otherwise Dark World. 

... To Fuel a Thriving Story Engine. 

Your Story Economy fuels a rich engine of stories, each engineered with inherent drama and lensed through your brand promise. From that framework, you can launch compelling tales across the cosmos. 


When a strong Story Economy is in motion, it is able to constantly evolve. Just like your business can never afford to become complacent, the guardians of your brand must operate with the same vigor and forward-looking attitude. 

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