Where Everything SaladMaster Does, Begins:


We are all in love with the world through the eyes of an innocent child that can only live by trusting.  It starts when a mother first lovingly hugs a child soon after a shared nine months tethered as one essence.  The child gasps are alone, blinded and awake to a mother's first hug. At that very moment of ultimate vulnerability, trust is the only thing you can hold on to. From that point on, life is generally guided by faith and trust in others.


Unfortunately, however, moments come along that test our trust with the world.  The church. Bernie Madoff. Tiger Woods. Toyota. The list goes on. It’s part of the human endeavor.   The good news is that the undeniable truth does always prevail, sometimes on the back of other humans like Woodward and Bernstein, Erin Brockovich, and others who have awakened us from the trance of “everyone does.”


With the things we eat, truth seekers have heavily waged war on understanding ingredients.  We thought fruit snacks were fruit, and Coke’s VitaminWater was actually a healthy drink. We believed it because we found comfort in the stampede of the majority, or because Lebron James said so.   We simply ignored the fact that the most fundamental endeavor, eating, is immensely colored by a business one. And, now with huge awareness campaigns to fight obesity, we have learned to question before we eat.  Well, when it comes to cooking, do we need to question how we cook and the cookware we use? Is there a better way to make a better meal?


With that question, there is a sail of truth waiting for its wind and a very large ‘pink elephant’ that needs to be shooed out of our kitchens. With this truth, it is now time that we answer our higher calling and awaken families to a paradigm that is begging to be shifted.  Here it is:


Because mass merchants drive what we consume, we have been letting sets of thug cookware into our homes that actually rob our meals from their expected nutrients and inherent flavors, and we are unknowingly letting all of that good stuff escape through the garbage disposal.  It’s undeniably true. With profit margins in mind, mass merchants have been giving us cookware that takes way too long to only serve up lifeless vessels of soulless food. We lose. They win.


Think about it, its time to wake up and taste a carrot out of a garden.  After cooking, why doesn’t a carrot taste like a carrot any more? The barbaric cookware that mass merchants and corporate America so nicely packed with the endorsement of the chef de jour doesn’t have the modern technology to protect nutrients and flavor.  They require water, oils, high heat and other nutrient and flavor sacrificing qualities. It’s simple and simply wrong.

Well, before the point of no return when generations grow up and adapt to limp servings of flavor and health, or worse yet, ultimately walk away from the dinner table because it just takes to long, it is upon us to rage our own war - our own coup de ta to awaken families to health and flavor-protecting cookware. To loudly let them know that spending thousands on kitchen appliances, and $149.99 on the cookware that serves up what goes into our bodies, maybe the wrong idea.  To remind them of our freedom, and our freedom to choose, and ultimately help breathe soul back into our own lifeless vessels.


With this life-changing cause on the backs of us all at SaladMaster, we must passionately awaken the world and show them a reality where technology and products do exist to end the continuous sacrifices that take place in our kitchens each and every day. It’s time to let them know that one American company had the bravado to whiteboard everything cooking and set fire to a revolution with undeniable solutions and a new eye on health and flavor-protecting cookware.


It’s our time.  It’s our calling . . . our world . . . our families.  It’s time to take our kitchens back, one kitchen at a time.   It’s time to awaken to a trusting and protecting hug, once again.  


Well, just as Al Pacino said so famously in Scarface, “Say Hello to SaladMaster.”  


We are here to protect you.

Moon Landing, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI 

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