Rider's edge




The goal of the Rider’s edge program was very simple… get more people excited about riding motorcycles and get them enrolled into a training course.  With a goal of growth in new Harley riders, we focused our efforts on the areas where we saw the most potential for growth - women, and men 35 and under.


Our strategy to increase Rider’s Edge website visits and in-person traffic to Harley dealerships was to use a mix of public relations tactics including events, media relations, and influencer marketing.  



The Rider’s Edge program, offering lessons to new riders, created potential to entice prospective customers to test drive the Harley experience.


We created events targeted towards women by offering women’s only courses, aimed at encouraging women to explore their passions and to foster camaraderie amongst female riders. To reach younger adults we enlisted the help of influencers we had established relationships with through previous H-D campaigns. We engaged the media by inviting them to come to the courses and put themselves IN the Rider’s Edge experience.  





The Rider’s Edge program became a very successful avenue to attract new Harley customers.  A wide variety of news outlets including radio, TV, print, trade publications and blogs covered the program as a new concept to inspire novice riders to try the Harley experience. The program has been rebranded to the Riding Academy and continues to be a strong source of customer acquisition for Harley.

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