A big part of your life is being a consumer.  And, like it or not, it isn’t easy making the most informed buying decisions on things you need – so you’re generally left to assess and decide based on what you see at your local retailers.  After a couple of store visits, you grudgingly open up your wallet settling for the fact that the retailer knows what’s best for you. It’s the way it is. It’s what everyone does… so … e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e does.


And, unfortunately, everyone does end up leaving with that green patio umbrella that happens to look just like the neighbors’ next door, and the ones next to them.  And everyone does leave with pretty much the same basic-looking dresser, making their home seem cookie-cutter, much to their changing.


The truth is you were forced to settle.  Your freedom of choice was shackled to the anchor of big-box retailers and their tired business model.  You had to live with purchasing the familiar, the bland, because product variety was placed squarely on the shoulders of a few under-valued big-box retail buyers who are choked by a lack of retail space to offer you any color, as long as it’s black.  At your expense, they are big retailers have created a massive parade of apathy. And, they’ve surprisingly kept our attention with the same expected floats, and the occasional toss of a tootsie roll in the form of tricky promotions, and a soft pretzel and a smoothie to enhance our shopping experiences.  Even though it’s a blatant disservice to us all, we accepted this as our reality.


As we saw it, we had only one option.  Arise. Arise, and rage war on the tyranny of products selection. For the cause of freedom of choice, we decided to stage, not just another paper mache float with Cinderella waving down to the crowd, but a heartfelt coup de grace born of quenching the thirst of parched consumers everywhere.

So we harnessed the limitless online world to embrace the principle on which America was built: diversity of choice. We set sail on the sea of sameness to discover an easier way to find product variety in those underserved, hard-to-find categories.  We didn’t want to discover the perfect patio umbrella. We wanted to discover the perfect patio umbrella for YOU… By being online where floor space is irrelevant and you have the time to explore, we could offer 200 hammocks, not just two.  By scouring the world, we could give you access to a whole world of hammocks, not two of them, faded and dusty, swinging limply back behind the employee washroom near aisle 57.


In the end, we discovered many worlds of product variety that had never seen the light of day.  So, we put all the worlds together in one place under the battle flags of home, work and play. And, we haven’t stopped discovering.  WE never will. It’s what we live for. We’re on a mission to turn “a” home into “your” home in as fast as a few clicks – “a” life into “your” life.  We’re pioneering a shopping experience that finally reflects a human endeavor, not a business one, and a culture that obsesses over what o don’t see, but should see…


So, the next time you walk into that big box store and are given two choices, all of them black, think twice, and simply don’t settle.  Instead, begin in a place where you can safely start with knowing what you want, and always end up loving what you find.


It’s your coup de grâce.  Your reality. Your Hayneedle.Com!



Moon Landing, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI 

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