When Harley-Davidson called for the first time, their riders were literally dying, and the fire of the brand was dying along with them. They were panicked. So they enlisted the help of Moon Landing to increase the relevance of the Harley-Davidson experience in the young adult market. However, this younger generation can’t be told what they want, they have to “discover” it on their own. We were engaging in a new rebellion that had to matter to this generation, so we started with grassroots events, because it needed to be experiential, but first, we needed to figure out what made this generation tick…

PHASE I: Research & Understand

We set up a TOP-SECRET store staffed by Caffeine employees, showing us what this generation values when purchasing a product. Then we conducted research on this younger generation and uncovered a work/life imbalance – a.k.a. the “¼ Life Crisis.” Findings illustrated that transitional young adults suffer the symptoms of a loss of freedom and sense of self, but too seldom recognize the cause and their potential to save themselves and avoid getting sucked into the vortex of all-consuming work. The main struggle for transitional young adults is to find balance while taking on all the new responsibilities of adulthood.They were lusting for an opportunity to “do whatever it is that sets them free.”


PHASE II: Get “Permission” 

Allowing us to show that young people carried the same ethos within them that had been defining Harley’s riders for generations. We found that many of those suffering from the “1/4 Life Crisis” turned to riding skateboards to be “set free” and thus the Wild Ride was born.


PHASE III: Harley-Davidson & Emerica’s “Wild Ride”

Moon Landing launched a campaign for Harley-Davidson, in partnership with Emerica Skate Team, which consisted of a ride from Milwaukee to Philadelphia. This gave the team a great experience as well as a very powerful entrance at Emerica’s annual “Wild in the Streets” event. (A massive PR opportunity) The night before the ride, Caffeine organized an underground night skate and leaked the location to local skate scene influencers as well as a reporter from the local alternative newspaper.



For the ride itself, we pitched Transworld Skateboarding, the largest skateboard magazine in the US, and they sent a very talented photographer to cover the entire ride. The resulting spread was over 15 pages long and looked like Easy Rider all over again. Their ongoing “love to ride” message in the article created the perfect storm. Our brand elevated them at the same time that they elevated ours. The ride was so successful in the first year that it was expanded and made into a separate, official event called The Wild Ride.


Transworld Skateboarding Story 2
Wild Ride

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