Sportster XL Forty-Eight


In the rush to stay put on the corporate ladder, your life has become monotonous. Another late night at the office and your back at home - only to realize you have no groceries and dinner is takeout again. Saturday rolls around and you hit the town - to stock up on a new catnip toy for your pet and to replace the tube of toothpaste that ran out. Later at night, you stay in to catch up with your friends online only to realize that your last tweet was 96 days ago, updating the world that you took a shit. A feeling comes over you and you’re wondering if it's severe constipation or lack of inspiration. What the hell is going on? When did your life become a series of uninspired errands? You decide to start seizing the moment and living in the now. Start turning the daily drag into your daily drags. And like generations of rebels who have come before you, you grab a set of wheels and set out for overt operations - no I-just-had-a-long-day-and-I-hope-no-one-sees-me bullshit. Harley-Davidson has created a monotony killer for today’s young generation. A bike that begs you to be your own content creator. A bike that gets you from A to B, knowing that attitude makes all the difference. And you realize that while you were running to the pet store for catnip, you brought home a snake. You go to your friend’s house to watch his band rehearse, not a battle for a high score on a plastic guitar. You find that you don’t mind taking your new girlfriend shopping -- for lingerie. Take a spin on a Random Errand Generator and grasp whatever it throws at you. Welcome to Forty-Eight.




Moon Landing, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI 

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