The Consort Calling:


The quick truth.  It’s going too far. Men are being held to a new standard, and are now being expected to be stylish to a fault.  He’s expected to be familiar with Kiehl’s skincare regimen and needs a penchant for the natural skincare line Zia.  He now needs to wash his hair and carefully combs conditioner through it. He needs to know the difference between Levi’s and Diesel, even though they are just jeans.  He’s expected to spend his time in the beauty salon getting facials and pedicures while sipping a glass of merlot. What the hell is going on? It’s getting a little too unreal when there is social pressure to be a top of the line Madame Tussaud figure.  The regular guy is being beaten down by Madison Avenue’s assault on the regular guy ego. Can’t we be regular guys anymore? Even the media is chipping into the destruction of the regular guy by encouraging women to raise the bar for the type of men with whom they want to spend time with, one that likes to indulge in shopping, gourmet lunches, masseurs and spas.  Is this what women really want? Now, we’re not saying that Consort needs to advocate cheap-beer swilling, sports-fiend personalities with unkempt appearances. We’re just asking Consort, the brand that keeps it simple for the regular guy, to be a champion for the identity of the regular guy and to help ensure that he continues to have a place in this world. It’s time that someone gives him a voice again, and to remind the world that he matters.

Moon Landing, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI 

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