In launching an online sports game, Cover5 was invading dangerous territory ruled by fantasy sports juggernauts.


We love underdogs. They’re always willing to fight harder.


We recruited Dan Patrick and took the fight to fantasy sports: “Finally, a sports game where everyone can compete, not just stat-crunching fantasy fanatics.”

The campaign launched with a robust satellite media tour featuring sports legend, Dan Patrick ... and when Moon Landing does a media tour, we don't settle for appearances that are anything less than stellar. 


We booked Dan on some of America's most popular shows (like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) to rally sports fans around Cover 5.  

Our Cover 5 campaign garnered millions of media impressions across print, radio, social media and television.


Those media impressions translated into millions of visits to the Cover 5 website and tens-of-thousands of new players.

Cover 5


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