Consort Haircare was losing ground in the marketplace. So much ground, in fact, that we started to wonder if the regular guy was going extinct… Men were increasingly buying competitor’s metrosexual products because they were being held to higher and unrealistic standards of beauty by the media and were feeling pressured to conform to the metrosexual trend. As the craze came into full bloom and convinced American men that they needed to spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair of designer jeans, Consort, the original brand of hairspray for guys, began losing shelf space to overpriced brands like American Crew. Thousands of men were being pressured by media and the billion-dollar-driven Madison Avenue to join the metrosexual trend. They are unhappy conforming because the metrosexual lifestyle does not represent who they really are. In response to the woes of men everywhere, Alberto Culver enlisted the help of Moon Landing.



  • Commissioned research to prove the trend

  • Compiled “State of the Species Report” to serve as a PSA to the regular guys losing grip

  • Declared war on the metrosexual

  • Satellite Media Tour

  • Secured Dan Patrick as celebrity spokesperson

  • With research that proved women actually prefer guys who look and dress like… guys, Moon Landing called on the help of Dan Patrick, a regular guy with great hair, to launch the campaign through a satellite media tour focusing on the fact that metrosexuality has become more than a fashion craze – it became a way of life during that time.

  • Creative Mailer to Press

  • Creative Ad Campaign

  • Campaign Microsite “Manover” events across the country

  • Save the Regular Guy Survival Kits

  • Launched operation: What Women Really Want



  • Satellite Media Tour

  • 1,874,410 Media Impressions As of 11/30/04

  • USA Today published an article stating the word “Metrosexual” has officially become the most hated word in America

  • Over 300 print articles

  • More than 200 television placements

  • Over 50 radio segments and interviews

  • 20 million media impressions overall

  • Consort Haircare sales increased 6% within 12 months.

  • Lost shelf space was reclaimed


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