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The creators of the POWERCAP LED Lighted Hat and the FLATEYE UNROUND Flashlight were looking for an agency to take them to the next level … so after an extensive agency search they decided to work with Moon Landing.  Panther Vision was an established company that had already been in business for about 10 years but had never done any marketing. After review meetings where we discussed their company, their products, their reasons to believe, and the ‘Why’ that drives all their work, our team started to hone in on what Panther Vision really stood for and how to build it to greater heights. 


Moon Landing got to work on creating a lean brand that not only challenged convention but also refused to surrender to the notion that solutions only come in certain shapes, sizes or packages. We started by creating a brand architecture along with a revised brand positioning, brand strategy and tagline for Panther Vision that tied it all together.  Once we established a more compelling story for the brand, we focused on connecting all their products to a single narrative, told through the same overarching brand lens.

From writing product descriptions to planning the sitemap and development, Moon Landing’s next steps were to develop and build Panther Vision a brand new website and e-commerce portal.  Our team created and designed all product landing pages, product descriptions and provided original designs and brand story copy highlighting our new brand position and messaging. 



Our first project was to take Panther Vision’s recently manufactured and reinvented flashlight called the FLATEYE and launch it in an impactful way. In our research phase we discovered that the first patent for a battery-powered flashlight was issued in 1899 and was designed with the need to sell batteries, rather than the needs of consumers as the primary focus … and until now, not much has changed. The inventors at Panther Vision thought it made more sense to create a design that would fit the needs of consumers by lasting longer, providing better light, and not rolling off of ladders or away from the task at hand, so they did. 


Moon Landing developed a national campaign to warn consumers about the risk of using old technology.  We started off by executing a study and found that many major companies withhold advancements in their technology and innovation from consumers in order to increase and maintain their ongoing profits.  With this information at hand, the ML team developed a creative mailer centered around our findings to alert the public and shared it with various members of the media all over the nation.  Our media push was followed up with a social media campaign where we updated the FLATEYE landing page with information about old technology, created and produced three different video ads that clearly showed how using old technology is not a good idea, and launched an influencer campaign where groups of influencers shared our findings with their followers.


After the success of the FLATEYE campaign, we moved on to another brilliant Panther Vision innovation: The Button Lamp. Tiny but mighty, the Button Lamp can save consumers from all sorts of lighting problems.  Whether they need lighting in a location that cannot be wired or have just lost power in their home, the Button Lamps offers everyone a great source of powerful lighting that can be put anywhere. 


To launch this campaign we partnered with disaster response non-profit, Team Rubicon, because both organizations share a belief that we can save people from dark times, no matter how simple or severe. Moon Landing developed a media plan to share information about the partnership all over the country and launched a social promotion where one dollar from every package of Button Lamps purchased was donated to Team Rubicon. Panther Vision also donated hundreds of products to members of Team Rubicon to aid in their disaster relief efforts.  Because of the durable and versatile nature of its innovations, deployed members of Team Rubicon were able to use Panther Vision products while providing relief to those affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence.  We followed this up by developing a team of more than 100 social influencers who post ongoing reviews and content showing how they use the Button Lamp in their everyday lives. 


With 2019 approaching and brand planning in full swing, our next big push would be to target the camping industry. Lighting equipment is used for almost every early morning and nighttime outdoor activity, and as Moon Landing researched the camping industry we found that the two most frequently purchased lighting products for camping are flashlights and lanterns.  The ML team knew how powerful and reliable Panther Vision products were, so we wanted to find out how often outdoor enthusiasts were disappointed in their outdoor gear and exactly why.


We commissioned a survey (that was then analyzed by a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor) and found that one in every four outdoor enthusiasts admitted to regretting at least half of their recent outdoor gear purchases, which adds up to about $23 billion annually. With this information, we’ve developed a multi-month campaign that includes a creative mailer alerting the media and retailers of these findings as well as a comprehensive social media plan with videos, designed content and influencers to share the news and alert the public about purchasing quality products that will actually work vs. the gimmicky items that will more than likely let them down. 



The FLATEYE campaign was well received. The Unround flashlight was included in various reviews and gift guides. Our video ads received hundreds of thousands of views all over social media and were shared hundreds of times. These efforts helped launch the product in more than 15 big-box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Best Buy.


Panther Vision’s partnership with Team Rubicon was also well received. Our press release gained over 80 million impressions, our social media push attracted hundreds of influencers to share the story, and our partnership video was viewed thousands of times. Team Rubicon branded Button Lamps can be found at Lowes, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Office Depot, Fred Meyer, and Home Depot Canada. Panther Vision has raised a total of $8,000 for Team Rubicon and will continue to donate a portion of Button Lamp sales to the non-profit. 


In the Spring of 2019, ML developed an influencer partnership plan for Panther Vision. This plan would allow Panther Vision to partner with various professionals/celebrities to create a signature series of branded Panther Vision products.  As of June 2019, Panther Vision has partnered with Mike Iaconelli, award-winning fisherman and is in the process of finalizing two other major partnerships with well-known sportsmen.


Panther Vision’s camping campaign is launching in June 2019 and will continue throughout the year to also capture fishing and hunting seasons. 


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