Standard Operating Procedure

Toss in a bit of common sense, a bushel of flexibility, and an undying passion, and the result is sustainable, powerful, goal-orientated conversations between brands and their key constituents.

With our world-class creative resources backing it up, Moon Landing unleashes a refreshing “attack” attitude that literally elevates the collective consciousness of a brand by making it a current event onto itself. We believe great storytelling is about passion, guts and common sense. It’s about making your something extraordinary because extraordinary is something worth talking about and boring always fails.  It’s about being in awe. Every day. Not just the first day we meet you.

Even though Moon Landing may use some of the same ingredients that go into any respected PR agency’s menu of services, our company is able to serve them up in a way that’s uniquely effective in building awareness to action campaigns. How do we do it? What’s our patented process? The secret formula? Well, it’s not that complicated as one may think. In fact, we can sum it up in four simple words:

Listen. Think. Invent. Inspire.



Branding + Lensing + Research

Your brand is your most valuable asset, it defines and drives every aspect of your company. Prior to any investment in marketing, we get to the true essence of why your brand matters. Once your brand story is crystallized, we create internal systems, processes, and metrics that result in a Lean Brand.

Social + Digital + Influencer Marketing

Clicks and likes are not the key metrics we strive for. Our objective is engagement with relevant audiences and influencers. We use social media platforms,
e-blasts, websites, and marketing automation to communicate directly and regularly with people who are interested in buying our products.

Events + Trade Shows

Consumer engagement is the ultimate point in which a brand and a consumer connect in order to offer a true experience related to the brand’s core values. Events and other experiential marketing programs are consistently one of the most effective tactical options to actively engage your customer. Rather than looking at consumers simply as passive receivers of messages, we actively involve your customers in experiencing and building the brand.

Rally Cry Development

Every relationship starts with the question, if you disappeared from the world, what would the world be missing? We then keep asking why, until their are simply no more whys to ask because each have been thoroughly vetted until it has been truly fortified, both emotionally and objectively. This is your undeniable truth. With this in hand, we deliver all clients our famous, rally cries. This heavily anticipated document has been used in all sorts of corporate arenas, CEO speeches, human resource recruitment, product and service innovation guidelines, customer service and sales training, and, obviously, for lensing all creative and story telling efforts.

Media Relations

Developing, pitching and placing stories in media from trade publications to the biggest media outlets in the world are bread and butter services for us. We develop stories that beg to be shared, structured with a brand cause that’s newsworthy in and of itself.

Sponsorship Activation 

Throughout the entire history of our company, we have become renown for taking any sponsorship investment and angling the outreach in highly effective ways that amplify a brand’s emotional narrative.  Simply said, when it comes to ROI in terms of impressions, traffic, and engagements, we are rainmakers.

Crisis Communications

Even though we are mainly known for creating a demand crisis, we also have become known for helping to minimize damage to reputations, which is why many companies, big and small, have turned to us in these 24 hour moments of need..

Strategy + Planning


Every great campaign or marketing endeavor begins with smart and sound strategy. With effective strategies in place, we build marketing plans that serve as a roadmap to success and keep all parties involved on the same path. 

Brand Behavior + Internal Communications



A company’s operations, struggles, and wins need to become its stories. How the brand lives is the brand. We build the communications systems needed to drive, manage, and monitor behavior so it can be recognized, incentivized, and publicized.

Design & Production 

We approach design as a narrative solution. With every asset produced for our clients, our design department looks at the fundamental reason why we are being tasked with this project. Once the WHY is figured out our designers come up with an aesthetically pleasing design that our clients love and that we’re proud of.

Public Affairs


A sound approach to public affairs requires the ability to build coalitions within a community in order to achieve a public policy goal. In order to build that network of supporters, we utilize the important skill of explaining complex policy issues in easily digestible nuggets that highlight the practical impact on community members’ lives. From there, we kick up the creativity through an inspired brand lens; this allows us to deliver informative, compelling messages that beg to be shared in a way that’s impossible to ignore.

Sales Support

We provide sales support lensed through the campaigns and brand positioning we create for our clients. We help build your community of leads through online communication, direct marketing and sales collateral, and database procurement, leveraging our proprietary Leads Scoring System to develop a buyer persona. We then cater our messaging accordingly. This integrated approach helps clients grow their business through delivery of qualified leads to maximize their ROI.

Website + Microsites

From designing page layouts and content development to brand story website audits, our team of experts is dedicated to adding brand swagger into each section of your website.

PR Based Sales Events & Promotions

Most promotion based campaigns are enticed with heavy media budgets but with our unique way of angling stories, we have a proven creative approach to support your unique sales promotions with earned media. Yes, we can turn a sales promotion into something newsworthy and worth talking about.

Moon Landing, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI 

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