If your brand disappeared tomorrow, what would the world be missing?

An Uncommon Branding & Public Relations Agency

We reveal the undeniable truth that ignites your brand story. With this lens, we creatively inspire (or re-inspire) your brand's cause, bridging it to a higher purpose that moves people to join your journey. And they will come, because a brand is more powerful when it’s born from a cause, rather than typical contrived marketing rhetoric. Our goal is to make everyone feel like they’re not selling or being sold.

Simply said, we’ll take your business endeavor and turn it into an inspired human one.

Inspired Storytelling

Great stories get noticed. And stories that beg to be shared don’t need to be sold.

Our public relations-driven branding model fuels creativity through the lens of news — and it's made us an award-winning, globally recognized leader in orchestrating stories that beg to be shared.

We’ve learned over the nearly 20 years of doing business, no matter what the climate, the problem or the marketing trend dujour, a passionate story will always be what matters most. It drives culture. It drives sales. It drives innovation. It drives people.


What We Do 

Research + Branding + Lensing
Content + Media Relations
Social + Digital + Influencer Marketing

Within these 3 broad areas of expertise, the possibilities are as vast as the expanse of space. We're famous for our emboldening rally cries, inspired sponsorship and sales activation, global-headline-grabbing events, and dazzling trade show booths — but we're passionate storytellers who can spin a compelling tale on any channel. 


Uncommon, Unrestrained

We listen. We think. We invent. We inspire.


While the big corporate agencies build their dynasties to line the pockets of their parent companies, our highly nimble team of experts steadily stay true to what we love … storytelling.

We are an entrepreneurially spirited team of varied backgrounds and perspectives, but we share a fortified bond of undying passion to discover the undeniable truth of why you ultimately matter. We not only want the world to hear your brand story … we want them to feel it. Because it’s not what you say that matters, it’s how you make everyone feel. 


But, to be passionate — we must first believe. That’s why we are eternally optimistic but skeptical. Fearless but measured. Whimsical but realistic. 


For us, it’s about passion, guts and common sense. We love the extraordinary, because extraordinary is something worth talking about. Boring always fails.


Our Rally Cry

We're known for our inspirational Rally Cries. Here's ours. 

We believe the marketing world is populated by the walking dead. Marketers who drink corporate Kool-Aid by the gallons and aimlessly pee messages like drunken, soulless pirates.


So, why? Because we want to matter. We want to believe. We want our own lives to be changed by the stories we tell.


We believe everything can matter, and should. Backed by world-class creative and open minds that are deeply rooted in undeniable truths … we are brand crusaders ready for war. We are unsung heroes willing to go to all lengths to convert the masses to our beliefs.


We are true talent, not administrators of messages, that will passionately make our clients matter and resonate with people, while paying off the promise of the brand.

Moon Landing, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI 

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