An Uncommon Branding & Public Relations Agency

If your brand disappeared tomorrow, what would the world be missing?”


With our help, the answer always reveals an undeniable truth that ignites a brand story. With this lens, we then creatively and passionately inspire or re-inspire that non-contrived truth and emotionally position it as a brand’s cause with a higher purpose that moves key constituents to join your brand journey. And, they will come, because we believe a brand is more powerful when it’s built on a just cause, rather than the typical marketing rhetoric that falls on deaf ears. In the end, our goal is to make everyone feel like they’re not selling or being sold.


Simply said, we’ll take your business endeavor and turn it into an inspired human one. With our public relations slanted branding model fueled by world-class creativity through the lens of news, we’ve become an award-winning and globally recognized leader in helping varied brands, trades and consumers, orchestrate stories that beg to be shared.


In the end, you’ll get an inspired brand lens that gives everyone a better view. For customers, they’ll be moved through our award-winning awareness to action campaigning. For the brand ambassadors, they’ll see and feel an inspired culture that not only attracts them but keeps them there … while inspiring brand behavior that keeps them thriving and innovating.


We’ve learned over the nearly 20 years of doing business, no matter what the climate, the problem or the marketing trend dujour, a passionate story will always be what matters most. It drives culture. It drives sales. It drives innovation. It drives people.


We are fueled by your stories.


An Unrestrained Model

While the big corporate agencies build their dynasties to line the pockets of their parent companies, along with the never ending chase for more revenue and the subsequent headaches of supplying bodies to account for the work, our highly nimble team of experts steadily stay true to what we love … the storytelling.


With intent, our more simple model of open resourcing that augments our core team of strategists and executioners demands quality, not quantity. This allows you to partner with our tailored teams of experts that deliver real results and value.


We don’t answer to a parent company. We answer to you.


Who We Are

We listen. We think. We invent. We inspire.


We are an entrepreneurially spirited team of varied backgrounds and perspectives, but we share a fortified bond of undying passion to discover the undeniable truth of why you ultimately matter. And with this brand story in hand, we not only want the world to hear it … we want them to feel it. Because it’s not what you say that matters, it’s how you make everyone feel.  But, to be passionate. We must first believe. That’s why we are eternally optimistic but skeptical. Fearless but measured. Whimsical but realistic. 


For us, it’s about passion, guts and common sense. We love the extraordinary, because extraordinary is something worth talking about as boring almost always fails.


Simply said, we are uncommon.


Our Rally Cry

We believe the marketing world is populated by the walking dead. Marketers who drink corporate Kool-Aid by the gallons and aimlessly pee messages like drunken, soulless pirates.


So, why? Because we want to matter. We want to believe. We want our own lives to be changed by the stories we tell.


We believe everything can matter, and should. Backed by world-class creative and open minds that are deeply rooted in undeniable truths … we are brand crusaders ready for war. We are unsung heroes willing to go to all lengths to convert the masses to our beliefs.


We are true talent, not administrators of messages, that will passionately make our clients matter and resonate with people, while paying off the promise of the brand.

Penned January, 2003, one day before the founding of the company.


Our Services

Research + Branding + Lensing

Strategy and Planning

Public Affairs

Rally Cry Development

Internal Communications + Brand Behavior 

Sponsorship Activation

PR Based Sales Events and Promotions

Media Relations

Events + Trade Shows

Websites + Microsites

Sales Support

Social + Digital + Influencer Marketing

Design + Video Production 

Crisis Communications

The Story Economy 

In the same way any business has a clear process for handling its finances, we believe the same approach must apply to a possession equally as valuable to a company: its story. Moon Landing specializes in developing a lean, compelling Story Economy that sets the foundation for all communications.


The driver of any brand’s Story Economy is its brand platform - the undeniable truth that makes the brand a shining light in what would otherwise be a dark world. 


Once we establish that single fundamental statement of brand identity, we develop a set of Reasons to Believe. Everyone connected to the brand, both internally and externally, can clearly understand the defining characteristics that set your brand apart from all others.


Just like any other thriving economy, we set out to build a Story Economy that is both robust and nimble. That means establishing a compelling story for each Reason to Believe *and* for each of the potential Dark World pitfalls against which your brand stands as a firewall.


While your Story Economy has a powerful set of stories that each highlight a defining characteristic of the brand, we’re committed to telling every single one of those stories through the same brand lens - always connecting our message back to the one undeniable truth. 


When a strong Story Economy is in motion, it is able to constantly evolve. What does that mean? It means once a battle has been won and the brand has established its dominance in one area of differentiation, it’s on to the next territory. Just like your business can never afford to become complacent in terms of development and aggressiveness, the guardians of your brand must operate with the same vigor and forward-looking attitude. 


Along the journey, a thriving Story Economy provides key economic indicators that can forecast which future actions are wisest: for example, the balance of innovation versus the marketing of existing products or services, future hurdles that may arise based on the messaging of competitors and/or shifts within the industry, and new opportunities for the brand to act as a disruptor. 


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